how to protect the bed of your truckhow to protect the bed of your truck

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how to protect the bed of your truck

I recently bought my husband a new truck because his old one had been beaten for so long that it looked terrible and was beginning to cost us too much to maintain. I thought that I would get a bed liner or something to protect the bed of the truck because he does a lot of hauling with it and that is the first thing that was damaged on the old truck. I had to decide what type of liner to get for the truck, so I started researching the different options that I had. My blog explains the many options and can help you find the best solution for protecting the bed of your truck for years.

Things You Need To Know When Installing License Plate Accessories On Your Vehicle

There are a lot of fun accessories like license plate frames that have sayings on them or your favorite vehicle brand, but you need to be sure your accessories are legal. The laws surrounding license plates are different from state to state, so be sure to check before you put anything on or over your plates. License Plate Frames Anytime you are putting accessories near, around, or over the license plates on your car or truck, you run the risk of obscuring the plate. Read More 

Two Car Stereo Accessories That Will Improve Each Listening Session

Fumbling around to find a specific song that you want to hear or dealing with muffled audio output may be two distracting features of your car stereo system. If ease of access and portability are preferred, a universal controller knob and a lightweight Bluetooth speaker are two car stereo accessories that will improve each listening session. A Universal Controller Knob A universal controller knob allows an end-user to switch which Bluetooth device they will be using during a listening session. Read More 

Three Ways To Tint The Window Glass In Your Vehicle

Auto window tinting is not always "standard" on vehicles sold through a dealership. In fact, of the methods available to tint auto glass, two occur after you have already bought a vehicle from the dealership. Here are the three ways you can get tinting on your window glass in your vehicle if you decide that you really want and need window tinting.  Factory-Made Auto glass manufacturers apply coatings to glass that are then tempered and sealed. Read More 

Vehicle Care Suggestions

Are you excited about owning a vehicle for the first time in your life and not having to rely on public transportation? Having a vehicle is a big convenience, but it can also create a substantial amount of problems if you don't take care of your car properly. You must also understand that your vehicle can lose more value by falling into a bad condition, which is important if you decide to sell it one day. Read More 

Upgrade Your Teen’s Car Stereo To Bluetooth To Improve Their Driving

Buying a car for your teenager is an important element of their maturation, especially if they decide to get jobs or to travel the country. However, it is important to find a car with a high-quality stereo to improve their driving experience and make it more enjoyable. Adding a Bluetooth stereo can improve the quality of their audio and make it easier for them to change the station and make phone calls while on the go. Read More